Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition

Good morning, readers! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m not going to lie… I completely forgot that today was Halloween until about 3 days ago. The first time someone asked me if I had plans I literally said, “Um… for what?” Everything has been so crazy that it completely slipped my mind! Regardless, I am celebrating as much as I can. Running around houses in the neighborhood wearing a costume like this isn’t exactly appropriate anymore…


Regardless, I still plan on adding a little Halloween flare to my outfit!


Scarf ¦ Sunglasses ¦ Sweater ¦ Lipstick ¦ Jeans ¦ Belt ¦ Bag ¦ Flats

The feline inspired pieces add a little costume touch to the outfit, but not too much! You can still dress for Halloween, even if you can’t go all out!

cb1 cb2 cb3

via Craftberry Bush CELEBRATE: Halloween Pinterest Page

I always have to get craft ideas from other people or Pinterest because I have absolutely no artistic ability in that department. Good thing I randomly stumbled upon Craftberry Bush’s blog! If you want to steal low-budget DIY ideas for holidays, parties, recipes, and home decor, you have to check out Lucy’s blog. It is absolutely amazing and you’ll probably spend way too much time looking at it, like I did… Oops!

As a side not, thank you all for being so patient with me as I make these transitions in my life. Next week my regular posting will go back to normal! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

xo Jenna


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