Reworked Boyfriend Jeans








Outfit: Old Navy boyfriend jeans (on sale) ¦ Cynthia Rowley Top via TJ Maxx ¦ Forever 21 heels ¦ Kate Spade bag ¦ Revlon matte lipstick ‘Stormy Pink’ ¦ Butter London nail polish ‘Wellies’

Jewelry: Lisi Lerch earrings ¦ Kendra Scott Skylen ring and Paige ring ¦ Loren Hope Clara mini bracelet ¦ David Yurman ring, cuff and link bracelet

Good morning, readers! Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend. I started a little DIY clothing project and decided to distress a few pairs of jeans that I haven’t worn in a while, but wasn’t quite ready to donate. It took a lot of patience and my arms were incredibly sore the day after, but I think they turned out nicely! Not exactly what I expected, but I think after a few washes they’ll look a little better. I used this super helpful article to help me along the way. I left out a few of the supplies that they say you need because I thought they weren’t necessary, but next time I’ll definitely use all of them.

Basically all you need is: sandpaper or a paint-removing block, steel wool, a pumice stone, and a pair of small scissors/x-acto knife/box cutter.

The rest is really simple. I won’t bore you with the instructions, but if you check out that article it explains it all! I would totally recommend it if you’re ready to get rid of an old pair of jeans. Distressing them transforms old jeans into something entirely new, AND it’s cheaper than buying a new pair!

xo Jenna


3 thoughts on “Reworked Boyfriend Jeans

  1. You did a great job with the jeans, I really like them! I also have a question: you have a Kate Spade watch, right? Have you ever had any troubles with it? I’ve had mine for less than a year and the hour hand won’t move properly. 😦

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