Friday Favorites

I really love these Friday Favorites posts because it gives me the chance to do something a little different than the usual. It also offers my readers a little glimpse into my life aside from the clothing. As I said yesterday, today I officially graduate from Clemson University Graduate School with my MBA. I made a personal decision to not attend the ceremony, for a number of reasons. Mainly because I wanted to enjoy the day with my family and friends, instead of waiting hours and hours to receive my diploma. That’s not exactly appealing!




It has been a very long year leading up to this point. Every day presented a new experience, new friends, and many different emotions. Thankfully, I have the best family and friends that put up with all the emotional ups and downs. I can’t thank them enough – namely my parents, brother, college girlfriends, and my boyfriend, Patrick – for putting up with me over the past year. I’m sure it wasn’t easy!


Shop Dior Nail Glow

I’ve seen this product everywhere over the past week and I really want to try it. With one application, Dior Nail Glow supposedly enhances the natural look of nails by making the pink of the nails look pinker and the white becomes whiter. I constantly have some kind of nail polish on, I feel naked without it. But I also love the look of a natural colored polish. It’s a little pricey, but it seems like the benefits heavily outweigh, so I’m all over it!

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As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy planning and buying items for the next season ahead of time. One that I’m definitely into right now are floppy hats. I have to admit, a year or two ago I would never consider wearing something like this. I think that’s partly because I grew up in South Carolina. What’s considered stylish here is very different from what’s considered stylish anywhere else, and something like this is definitely out of the ordinary. Luckily as my style has evolved, I’ve learned to care less and less about what people think I look like. These floppy hats are definitely something I’d like to style during Fall. I really love this felt hat from ASOS and this one from Anthropologie.

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via L&G’s Pinterest

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the least artistic person on the planet. Seriously… I can barely draw stick figures. I love finding unique art but I hate paying the price for it. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve discovered a few ways that even people like me can create their own art without spending a lot of money. The first one is super simple: your choice of citrus fruit, paint, and paper. That’s it. Using multiple colors will give you a Lilly Pulitzer inspired, frameable piece of art. The second is my favorite! I have a lot of shopping bags that I can’t bring myself to throw away because they’re so pretty, but I never know what to do with them. They usually end up folded and stored at the back of my closet. This is the perfect way to display AND keep them from being damaged!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

xo Jenna


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