Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! It’s almost the weekend and that means another L&G’s Friday Favorites post!


This is my go-to Summer outfit. Right now I’m living in flowy tanks and I love this one from Page 6 Boutique (similar). It pairs perfectly with basically anything and is simple enough to wear bold jewelry with, like these Lisi Lerch earrings. Also, I’ve worn my panama hat non-stop because SC mugginess is like no other, and it really does a number on my hair! I lucked out and found this one in the men’s section at Target. You can shop similar hats here and here.


One of my favorite things about working out is ab day. There are only so many moves for bis, tris, back, etc. but there are TONS of different exercises you can do for your abs. I like to change up my routine because I get bored pretty easily. Lately I’ve been using a stability ball for a few of my ab exercises. It’s a really great way to work your core and test your balance at the same time. Plus, stability balls are only $20-$30 if you’re the kind of person that prefers home workouts. I really like knee tucks and wall-ups. The videos make it look easy, but if you’re not used to balancing on a stability ball, it’s tough stuff! You can view the instructional vids here and here.


via Lilly & Grant’s Pinterest

Sadly I don’t currently have my own apartment as I look for a job post-graduation, but I’m definitely planning ahead for when I do. My current decor obsession is this black and white leopard print. I’m not a huge fan of having a lot of animal print decorations in the home, but there’s something about this in particular that’s so clean and beautiful. I’ll admit I even love that bathroom wall paper… but for an apartment, a few simple pillows would make for great statement pieces.


If there’s one beauty product I can’t live without, it’s nail polish. That sounds crazy but it’s true, I looooove it. I’m always looking for new colors and the next best brand. My current favorite is Sinful Colors, and you can usually find it in Target or a drug store. The best part is that they’re only $1.99 a pop! I know you’re thinking that the quality is probably terrible, but honestly it’s comparable to brands like OPI, Essie and Butter London. The color I’m wearing now is ‘Endless Blue’, and you can shop that as well as other colors here!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

xo Jenna


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