Friday Favorites

Hello readers, it’s FRIDAY! In honor of the weekend, I’m starting a new series called Friday Favorites where I’ll write about a few different things: style, beauty, health, music, books, etc. Basically little tid bits of my everyday life! But beware, there are sure to be lots of pictures of my pup, Noah!


I just feel like everyone on earth needs to witness his cuteness. I’ve never seen a more photogenic dog in my life. Noah turned two years old a few months ago, but still acts like a puppy. More accurately, he has the personality of a 5 year old child, I kid you not. When he doesn’t get his way, usually that’s if he wants a treat and you don’t give it to him, he will walk to the other side of the room and lay down facing away from you to let you know he’s mad. Who does that?! He’s such a brat but I love him like crazy!


If you’re even remotely into Alternative Rock music and haven’t heard Young the Giant’s most recent album, Mind Over Matter, drop whatever you’re doing and listen to it right now! I had never heard of this band until my brother introduced me to their music two years ago (He really has the best taste). They’re easily one of my favorite bands now. Their music has been featured in beer commercials and even on HBO, so you’ve probably heard them already and didn’t know it! If you’re skeptical, listen to “It’s About Time” and “Mind Over Matter” first, and try to tell me you’re not addicted!


Have you ever heard of using honey as a facial cleanser? I hadn’t until about a month ago, when I discovered this article through Pinterest and decided to give it a try for the first time this week. If you read through the article, it talks a lot about the benefits of washing your face with honey compared to your average facial cleanser. It’s also talks about how to properly wash your face with honey, so if you want to try it, make sure you read that as well! I’m using raw, local honey that I purchased at my town’s EarthFare. After I wash my face with the honey, I apply one Lumene Vitamin C Beauty Drop for a brighter skin tone. You can shop those here! I have to say after using the honey, my face is definitely softer than it was a week ago! I highly recommend giving it a go.


It’s happening, I’m caving. I swore I wouldn’t be into the romper/jumpsuit craze, but damn it, I totally am. Forever 21 is my favorite place to shop for them. They have the cutest selections, and let’s be real, you’re not going to get their prices anywhere else. You can shop these looks here and here.


Let me just take a second to talk about my obsession with Megan Carn’s art. Megan and I are sorority sisters and graduated together from Presbyterian College. She is as sweet as can be and she’s an incredibly talented artist. If you follow my instagram (here) you’ve seen two of her original pieces that hang above my armoire. Her art is the perfect addition to any home or apartment! You can view Megan’s website here, and you can shop from her Etsy page here. There, you’ll find this print as well as original artwork and custom fabric and wallpaper!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! Cheers!

xo Jenna


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