Mixing Prints: Stripes and Leopard

Back in the day when I wasn’t quite as fashion savvy, I would have never combined multiple prints in one outfit. I thought it looked odd, and to be honest a little tacky. Before fashion blogs and Pinterest took off, I only had the influence of magazines and shows like The Fashion Police that love to show the worst possible outfits on the red carpet. I mean, can you blame me for being so narrow minded? Not the best places to find outfit inspiration, but over the years I’ve realized that there is a tasteful way to mix prints. One of my favorite combinations, stripes and leopard, look super glam together when it’s done in moderation. My favorite way to combine the two is with a simple striped tee and a pair of leopard shoes or other accessory. Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest. Of course I had to include Julia from Gal Meets Glam because she always pulls off the duo perfectly!

prints1 prints2


via Pinterest (follow me here!)

Here’s my take on the combo:


What’s your favorite way to style this combination?

xo Jenna


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