Cool Material “Gifts For Men That Don’t Suck”

Valentine’s Day is typically focused more on the woman – cards, candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner… you know, the usual. But what about the guys? I know this seems a little odd. Maybe it’s because I really love giving gifts no matter the occasion, but I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to give your guy a little something that says “thanks for being so awesome!” or in my case, “thanks for putting up with my ridiculousness!”

I recently discovered Cool Material after helping my brother look for the perfect wedding gift for one of his long-time buddies. He wanted to find something unique, but more importantly practical. He wanted the cool factor but also something he knew his friend would actually make use of. Cool Material gifts are anything but ordinary. If you click on the “men’s gifts” tab of the website, you’ll find a list of descriptions that will take you to personalized shopping pages, depending on what you’re guy is into. Some of those include “the techie”, “the outdoorsman”, and my personal favorite “the dapper man”. Prices range from less than $50 to $1000+ and each gift is just as unique as the next! Here are a few, but there are thousands of gifts on the website, so check it out now!

The Audiophile:


ILP Device Turntable – $100

The Outdoorsman:


Lifestraw (Voted a Time Magazine Invention of the Year) – $25

The Man Cave:


Man Candles II – $28

The Lush:


Dropcatch Bottle Opener – $62

The Dapper Man:


Komono Watches – $100

The Workaholic:


Ninja Block (You can program this little device to do things that make your life infinitely easier, like turn your lights on and off when you’re not at home, or send you a text when someone is at your door. Pretty cool right?)  – $199

xo Jenna

*DISCLAIMER: This post was not endorsed by Cool Material. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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