Hunter Boots 3 Ways

I was super excited to purchase my first pair of Hunter Boots a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted a pair for so long after hearing such good things about them and seeing pictures all over Pinterest (Follow me here). Hunter recently came out with their Spring line and the new arrivals (here) are adorable! I’m obsessed with the bright pinks and reds, but for my first pair I went a classic black. I finally had the chance to take them out of the box when it snowed in Greenville, and I’ve barely taken them off since! They’re so comfortable and the quality is amazing. After a few suggestions made by my followers, I decided to style my Hunter boots 3 of my favorite ways! Whether you’re on the go or the occasion is slightly dressier, there’s something for everyone!

Skirt & Patterned Tights:


Ann Taylor Blouse (old) // J.Crew skirt and tights // Ily Couture necklace 

Utility Jacket & Layers:


J.Crew Jacket (similar) // Brooks Brothers Sweater // JCPenny Button Down // Gap Scarf

Sweatshirt & Leggings:


J.Crew Sweatshirt (similar) // Polo Ralph Lauren Button Down // Moon & Lola necklace

What’s your favorite way to style Hunter Boots?

xo Jenna


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