Baublebar’s Platinum Buried Baubles

I’ll come out and admit it, I’ve recently formed a serious obsession with Baublebar! The website has the most adorable jewelry for unbelievable prices. Whether you want something simple and delicate, or bold and bright, Baublebar has everything (Think J.Crew, but for half the price!). I was browsing aimlessly on the website about a week ago, not looking for anything in particular, when I stumbled upon a necklace with the words “Platinum Buried Bauble” written under it. Baublebar has a promotion on Mondays and Fridays where one item is secretly marked down to $20, and to $10, respectively. How great is that?! Plus all shipping is free! I happened to find Monday’s buried bauble by luck, but if you sign up to receive Baublebar e-mails, they will send great little clues to help you find these beauties!

When my Queen Bee Strand Necklace arrived in the mail, I was officially in love!





Don’t you just love the hand-written letter? What a nice touch!

Check out Baublebar now to find Monday’s Buried Bauble! And happy hunting!

xo Jenna

*DISCLAIMER: This post was not endorsed by Baublebar. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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