Beware Of: Tory Burch Promos

If you’re a Pinterest junkie like me, you’ve probably come across several different “Tory Burch Promo” pins. Each pin features a different style of Tory Burch shoe; from the ever-popular Reva Flat, to boots and loafers, etc. Many of them include a caption underneath that say something like, “I never wanted to pay full price for Tory Burch shoes, I was SO happy when I found this site!” or “Great variety of shoes to choose from! Etc, etc, etc.” On the actual website, there are tons of options and the prices are set MUCH lower than usual.  Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is, this website is counterfeit.

I clicked on one of those pins about a week ago, and look what popped up instead of the Tory Burch Promotion Website:


Tory Burch LLC (the real deal) is taking the domain user to court! But not just this user… there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other defendants involved in the trial! All accused for selling unauthorized, counterfeit reproductions of Tory Burch products with what would seem like the official trademark. The case write-up goes on to say, “If you believe that you have been victimized, we suggest that you request a refund from your credit card company.” YIKES! So glad that I dodged that bullet! 

Just yesterday, I saw yet another pin for the same type of promo:


Identical web page layout and merchandise offered as the first website (before they were caught), but this time with a slightly different domain name. Persistent, aren’t they?

So  please be careful when considering a purchase from a “promo” website. Not just for shoes, but for anything else you purchase online. Chances are, the merchandise is counterfeit!

Pass this along!

xo Jenna


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